Sunday, September 17, 2017

Self Respect. #WomenRights #Anonymous #Occupy

Self Respect

We call you a bitch, cause you rather be identified by that a " label ",
Then the name your parents give you.
That shallow thinking, made you dive in the deep end with your friends,
Now being a bad bitch can't save you.
But your image is the only thing that keeps you afloat,
So I can't really blame you, for thinking that shit makes a real nigga want to praise you!
And there it goes again, real niggas, fucking it up for real men!
As usual, swinging the image of what a bad bitch is,
In front of a woman face would only make her delusional,
But I'm not here to make any excuse for you!
What you need to do is take bits of that bad bitch,
And put it together with real women and see if that shits fusible?
Cause the beauty of having beauty, is more than just looking beautiful!
Bad bitch, daily you disguise yourself in designers’ lipstick & eye-liners,
As a reminder that you’re not happy about who you are!
Fucking with any brother that comes along with a fat gold chain or fancy car...
All that conceal has concealed you, you got lost behind that refiner,
Now the person you trying to be, got lost behind you, and you really can't find her.
Bad bitches caught up between club and churches,
Bad bitches rather be strippers than nurses,
Bad bitches valuing life by the texture of their hair or the price of their purses.
Bad bitches would buy anything the world sells them, if it tells them it gets them to being on step closer to being perfect!
All along Bad bitches yell fuck love I'm all about that money, 
Ignorant to the fact that anything that can be purchase is essentially worthless!
Bad bitches I can't respect you, because you can't even respect yourself,
You value life by the weight of a dollar than actual wealth!
It's like revolving doors, of evolving whores
Bad bitches you need help!
You can't be Mary in the major in the day, and Mary Mangling at night
Bad bitches what in the dark surely comes to the light?
Bad bitches on Broadway platform where the lights shines bright,
You’re borderline prostitute selling yourself, on all those social media sites,
Willing to do anything if the prices is right!
Settling for being another, instead of the only one
Because the media told you that what a man really likes
Bad bitches if you settle for being the side bitch,
Why the fuck would a real man want to make you his wife?
Not to mention you show everyone, everything that supposed to be reserved for the king!
Those Instagram filters might make your photo look nice,
But you need to get the real you together
Cause you can't put a Photoshop filter on this picture of life!
Bad bitches you were physical put together in perfection
But your mental perception by the media make your thinking sloppy
You were born to be original, why the fuck you want to be a Beyoncé copy?

Saturday, September 16, 2017


 Who says we look up to leaders?
This is a collective where everyone treats anyone as an equal of himself.

We do not differentiate ourselves as leaders of the collective.
We do not compare our own religion to others.
We do not boast about the history of our race.

We only consider ourselves as people - people who are sick and tired of the corrupt, and all we do is share information to people no matter how misinformed they are, because they and us, are the very victims of corruption.

All we do is raise awareness about games played by governments and corporations, and how they treat innocent people as pawns in a big game of manipulating history.

We have been known for hacking, yes, because that is our ultimate weapon - as a soldier's gun, a writer's pen, and a speaker's words, but that's not what they think we do. We seek the truth, we expose lies, then we protest.

Since the governments and corporations have awakened to the truth that we can fight back, and that they cannot fool everyone, they announce so-called "milestones" on how they demonize Anonymous and how they prove to themselves or indoctrinate people that we are "cyber-terrorists".

To those who are reading this, let me just remind ourselves of who we are:

- If we value ourselves to be higher than others, then we are not Anonymous.
- If we value ourselves to be hackers that terrorize people, then we are not Anonymous.
- If we discriminate any race, religion or philosophy, then we are not Anonymous.
 The ideology of Anonymous?

Anonymous does not have a political agenda and no political ideology party.

 Anonymous has moral ideologies. The moral ideologies are freedom, especially freedom of speech, justice for the innocent, peace, humanity and defend the innocent also represent the people of that country or community not themselves.

The Anonymous who represents himself, his own greed and ego and is calling himself to be an Anonymous is not an Anonymous. Because you do not become an Anonymous to destroy Anonymous.

We are students,
We are scientists,
We are politicians,
We are religious/non-religious,
We are from all sorts of backgrounds, and profession.

We are legion, for we are one, and we work as many.
We do not forgive the corrupt, for they only think of themselves.
We do not forget the lies these tyrants have told to brainwash people.
They should expect that we can never be dismantled, for we are Anonymous.

Sunday, September 3, 2017